Welcome to my 'old' website... intended to be an 'archive' but is unfinished.

Therefore, I strongly suggest that you first go to my much more recent website (made in 2014)
ie PLEASE take a look at that one first, viz:


This one, the one you are viewing here ( = .com), and probably by accident... because the wrong link was printed on the exhibition listing or somewhere, is, unfortunately, not what I hoped you would see first. br>

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy having
a browse, preferably in the more recent website =


Thank you!.

Please click on the image to see more studio views, or use the menu above for other sections

In the Gallery section here, you will be able to see thumbnails for paintings, prints, drawings, ceramics, archive photos and other. From these you can locate different periods of my work including a partial record in the archive sections. The latter because many early art works are unavailable at this time, the whereabouts of those items being unknown.

Most of the work is for sale,
see Shopping Cart page

NB:However, as I said above, this website is actually old and still more or less, 'under construction' (because I haven't got round to changing it!). In fact it was intended to be more like an 'archive', but is far from complete.

If you need more information, please contact me.